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Hiking trails

Take a walk around the lodge and enjoy the scenic spots near our dams or at the magnificent waterfall. Immerse yourself in our natural pool or take a picnic to this idyllic setting.

Take a stroll along the Dorpsriver and look out for the kingfishers that are the local residents of the riverbanks or listen out for the distinctive far-carrying call of the African Fish eagle.

Our tall forests and marsh lands offer the perfect habitat for an array of different owl species.


Trout River Falls is the perfect spot for any keen bird watcher.

Red route (Koppie route) : Advanced  - 2kms

This trail is not for the faint hearted and has some steep sections. 
But the view... Oh so worth it!

Keep a look out for Mountain reed bucks, duikers and kudus

that we often see roaming the area.

Yellow route (Top of the waterfall): Intermediate to advanced - 1km
Enjoy the breathtaking views while having a little dip at the top of the waterfall.


Blue route: Easy - 2kms

Enjoy a casual stroll along the Dorps river.

Pure paradise for any keen bird watcher!

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