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Hiking trails


What to do in Dullstroom?


Best hiking near Dullstroom

Marked hiking trails

Spectacular views & hidden waterfall

Suitable for all fitness levels

Bring your walking/hiking stick & a GOOD pair of hiking shoes/ boots.

NO sandals or CROCS.

Don't forget your water bottles.



 White route (Cave & ruins) : Advanced  - 2.6kms

( Estimated hiking time: 1hr30mins)

Embark on a steep climb to explore the ruins of Trout River Falls and a mysterious cave.
This trail is not for the feint -hearted and involves some pretty steep climbs.

Red route (Koppie route) : Intermediate  - 2kms
( Estimated hiking time: 45mins)

This trail has some steep sections. But the view... Oh so worth it!

Keep a look out for Mountain reed bucks, duikers and kudus

that we often see roaming the area.

Yellow route (Top of the waterfall): Intermediate - 1km

( Estimated hiking time: 30mins)
Enjoy the breathtaking views while having a little dip at the top of the waterfall.

Blue route: Easy - 2kms

( Estimated hiking time: 20mins)

Enjoy a casual stroll along the Dorps river.

Pure paradise for any keen bird watcher!

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